Creating a Strategic Platform

Atlantic Tin’s vision is to become the preferred tin supplier for Western manufacturing value chains.

Through a world class resource base, unparalleled access to renewable energy and advantaged logistics into Western markets, Atlantic Tin is strategically positioned to become a platform for on-shored, reliable, conflict-free and low carbon tin supply into Europe and North America.

Achmmach is the cornerstone in such strategy, providing immediate tin production at scale and at competitive costs and solid ESG credentials. Achmmach is highly unique and strategic, as the largest development-ready tin project in the world and the only new short-term source of low-risk tin supply.

However, the long-term opportunity is to develop a downstream smelting and refining hub in Morocco, producing high value-added products sold directly into Western end markets. A state of the art, clean powered western smelter is set to outcompete old and polluting Asian incumbents on both freight and treatment costs, enabling to catalyze and aggregate further tin supply sources in the region.